The World’s Canvas

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The World’s Canvas

By J.B., Age 17

First, they see your skin tone

Then comes the condescending face

Since when is it okay to be disdainful towards someone else's race?

The world is not one color

It's a palette of every tint and hue

So why is that we paint with the color we see as "acceptable" because the others are too taboo?

The world is full of different people

Who are unique in their own way

Then why does a woman who wears a scarf around her head feel like she needs to be sent away?

Stereotypes, become fact

And an entire religion becomes a synonym for violence

What happens to those who try to stand up?

Their voices are converted into silence.

A policeman's reasoning for shooting an innocent man

Has nothing to do with the color of his skin!

It's his suspicious hoodie, and what he must've been hiding within

A relationship is strictly between a man and woman

If you're anything else it's abnormal and off

So now it's wrong to be yourself?

A woman can do some things,

But a man can do it better

How come nowadays if you're sexist, it makes you a trend-setter?

The world is not clear

It is every color under the sun

We must accept every faith, sexuality, gender, and race. . .

But most importantly, this prolonged ignorance needs to end, and be done